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Inspired by the reception they received on this past season of Canada’s Got Talent, Kenton and Lise have created this brand new musical.  Join the talented cast as they take you through a dramatic and hilarious journey of the six periods of the Paleozoic Era.  Catchy songs about weird animals, wild & wonderful dancing, bright colours and a singing robot, this show has something for everybody!

“THAT WAS SOOO WEIRD! I know a lot of people that would actually love this.”

- Lilly Singh

“From me, you definitely get a YES, SIR!” 

- Kardinal Offishall


“You guys were weird, wonderful, wacky and it was so much fun … the audience loved it and Canada is really going to love you guys.” 

- Trish Stratus

“I can’t wait to hear what the next class is gonna be about.” 

- Howie Mandel


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When these best friends’ very friendship is on the rocks, a class trip to the museum finds Emma and Olivia in a hidden room with a ... robot that sings songs about the Paleozoic Era – the very topic of their homework! But can they work together to finish their assignment and get back to their class – in time?

This musical is geared for ages 11+, but is appropriate for younger kids as well. 

Come explore the amazing world of the Paleozoic with Curious K!

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